About us

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke 1729-1797

The Jewish Tea Party of New York has at its core the three common beliefs of the tea party movement in the United States: constitutionally-limited government, fiscal sanity and free markets.

Our goal is to break the stereotype that all Jewish people are liberal Democrats, and to raise our voices in the defense of private property and individual liberty, one the beating heart of our sovereign nation, the other the immortal soul of our society and culture.

And we raise our voices in staunch and unwavering support of the Jewish state, recognizing that Israel is the only outpost of democracy in a region that is the flash-point of the war on terror, and whose total destruction is the stated goal of the nations that surround her.  We believe that America has no better friend than Israel, and that Israel should have no more reliable ally than the United States.

To those who seek the eradication of the Jewish people and the Jewish state we say: NEVER AGAIN!

To those who seek to impose European-style socialism on the free and independent people of America, we say: NEVER!

Citizens Magazine: CLICK HERE

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